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Omid K., Los Angeles, CA
Of all the patients who have had been treated by Dr. Hrayr Shahinian, I may very well be in the best position to provide clear insight into who he is. The road that led my family and me to Dr. Shahinian began when my mother was feeling intense cranial pressure. After seeing several physicians, it was determined that she had some fluid build-up by the rostral region of the central sulcus on her right hemisphere. Surgeons had conflicting opinions as to what exactly the proper course of treatment was. When things seemed as though they could not look any worse, a close family friend advised us to pay a visit to a surgeon at Cedars-Sinai about whom she had heard unparalleled praise.

Dr. Shahinian gave my mother something none of the other surgeons had: peace of mind. From the moment that she began dealing with the Skull Base Center, she had a variety of options for how to deal with her condition. She wasn't pressured into selecting any particular one, as she had been with the other surgeons. Every option was thoroughly explained and every question was answered without even a hint of frustration. With other surgical teams, my mother and father ended up arguing with the staff because their doctors were unwilling to provide sufficient answers.

After my mother's surgery, Dr. Shahinian truly began to shine as both a physician as well as an excellent man. At that time, I was an undergraduate student preparing to receive my degree at UCLA. I was so inspired by what I had seen Dr. Shahinian and his team accomplish that I wanted to learn more about the medical profession. In a meeting with Dr. Shahinian, I asked about any volunteer opportunities that the hospital could offer someone like me, seeking to learn. What came next was an opportunity that I will cherish for a lifetime. I cannot fully explain all of the reasons, but Dr. Shahinian opened his office to me, gave me my own room to study in and, for two months, allowed me to shadow him while he met with patients. During this time I had the opportunity to speak with patients privately about the doctor's work and the experiences that they had with him. I witnessed patients shed tears while expressing their gratitude. Dr. Shahinian was often invited to their homes. They welcomed him like a member of their family; he found a place in each of their hearts.

Through the knowledge that I gained from my experiences with this exceptional man, I was inspired to pursue a career in medicine. I am proud to say that I received my B.S. in Neuroscience. My hope is that throughout my career I will be able to conduct myself with the same ethics and integrity as Dr. Shahinian. He is the measuring stick with which I will gauge my own success as a physician.

Omid K.
Los Angeles, CA

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