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Nursing Frontiers: Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Conference
Nicole Evans, R.N.
Karen Fabac, R.N.

Our third annual Trigeminal Neuralgia patient conference was held February 17, 2001 and was a great success! This year, our nursing staff took a more active role with a presentation about the nursing management of the trigeminal neuralgia patient. Our goal was to help educate patients on the role the nurse plays in our "multidisciplinary team approach" to patient care.

Karen Fabac, RN (left)
Nicole Evans, RN (right)
The roles of patient educator and coordinator were the highlights of the talk, focusing on our professional experience and knowledge of trigeminal neuralgia to provide information to patients who suffer with TN and their families. We discussed the importance of the MRI/MRA imaging study in helping to diagnose patients suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Pre and post-operative teaching was reviewed, along with a brief overview of what patients could expect if they were to undergo endoscopic surgery.

Like last year, we were available before, during and after the conference to personally interact with patients who had questions ranging from the disease process, to surgery, to insurance issues.

This was also a great opportunity to introduce our newest member of the Skull Base team, Karen Fabac, RN. Karen has come to us with 10 years of nursing and operating room experience. She has been a valuable addition to our team of experts.