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Nursing Frontiers: Patient-to-Patient Resources
Nicole Evans, R.N.
Araksi Bekhloyan, R.N.

In past issues of Headlines, the impact of the Internet on patient education and support was discussed. As patients become increasingly involved in researching diagnoses and medical treatment options online, our need to provide the most up to date and comprehensive information via the Internet has also increased.

Patients can view a plethora of information on our website, Here, patients have a variety of choices available and can access this information for their own personal use and education. Video-clips, journal and research articles and PowerPoint presentations are updated regularly and are easily accessible. In addition, we offer a toll free 800 number where patients can call and speak with a member of our nursing team to get answers to questions and find out about services we offer.

On our website, there is also a contact email address where patients can correspond with us electronically, providing a way to reach us, even when calling may not be convenient. This method also provides a most effective way to forward films and other documents, providing the patient with a method to receive an "on line" record review. This has been a very useful option for patients residing in other countries, where time zone differences sometimes make it challenging to speak with a member of our team during normal operational hours.

In the desire to further provide the most information to patients, we will soon be introducing a "Patient-to-Patient Panel" page. This page is designed to assist those seeking to interact with former patients, who have actually experienced endoscopic surgery with the Skull Base Institute. These patients were kind enough to participate in the program and have given us special permission to make their contact information available for others to interact with them. This will be a very useful tool, providing potential patients with an insider's perspective about travel, surgery, post op and long-term recovery. We are very excited to add this service.

As technology and medical treatments evolve, we pride ourselves on being on the "cutting edge" and helping pass this valuable information to our local, national, and international patients.