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 Acoustic Neuroma: Success Stories

Anne E., Canfield, OH
Dear Dr. Shahinian,

Thanks you for what you did for our family.

My son Zach came home from Florida with what he thought was swimmer's ear. When it did not go away, he went to a local ENT and learned he had an acoustic neuroma instead. We were told that it would take two surgeons to perform the necessary surgery, and that afterwards he might be left with Bell's Palsy, dizziness, total loss of his balance nerve, loss of hearing, and fluid leakage. They said that a craniotomy was safer than gall bladder surgery.

Through friends, we sought out medical centers across the country. Everyone gave my son such a dismal picture. We also checked with people who had an acoustic surgery. One woman, who is a doctor, was unable to practice for a year because of the side effects resulting from the surgery.

Zach was just going to leave it alone and not have anything done. Friends, however, went on-line and found the Skull Base Institute. When we contacted Skull Base Institute, we were all impressed with what we saw and heard about the surgery that you perform for patients with acoustic neuroma. Thankfully, Zach decided to have the surgery.

Miraculously, he was able to fly home a few days after the surgery at Cedars-Sinai. He had some numbness on the left side of his face, but no imbalance! He was off work for only six weeks. The other people we spoke to who had had traditional surgery were home six months or longer.

I can't tell you what a happy family we are because of you.

I call you my son's savior. You restored his life, because prior to discovering Skull Base Institute, he had decided to do nothing to correct the problem, which would have meant a continual growth of the neuroma, a progressive decline in his health and an inability to continue in his career.

Since then, I have had my own surgeries for various problems. Everywhere I go, I tell my doctors about Skull Base Institute and how you helped my son.

Dr. Shahinian you are such a compassionate and caring physician. You are, and will remain forever, my hero. Thank you for giving me a healthy son.


Anne E.
Canfield, Ohio

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