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 Acoustic Neuroma: Success Stories

Marina V., Rochester, NY
I am writing to tell you about a doctor who made a difference in our family's life.

My husband, Dwight, was diagnosed with a 2.5cm acoustic neuroma. After discussing our options with a neurotologist in our home city, I was in tears. The approaches offered to us painted a gruesome picture involving adverse surgical complications: facial paralysis, significant balance problems, infections, eye problems, chronic fatigue and short-term memory loss. A long operation, long hospital stay, and total hearing loss were promised. We left feeling stunned and discouraged.

I was determined to seek more information; there had to be an alternative. My search led me to the Skull Base Institute in California where Dr Hrayr Shahinian performs endoscopic surgery for the removal of acoustic neuromas. This minimally invasive technique gave my husband a chance to avoid open-skull surgery and its side effects. The procedure seemed elegant and appropriate, so we contacted Skull Base Institute and sent the MRI film to Dr. Shahinian.

Later, my husband had a lengthy telephone conversation with the doctor. Dwight had many questions, and Dr. Shahinian openly and confidently answered all of them. My husband, being a skeptic, still wanted to know more. He read Dr. Shahinian's published works, looked for surgeons who knew him, did a background check, even contacted a childhood friend, college classmate, and friend of the Shahinian family. He checked out. It was all "good enough to be true."

We made the decision and scheduled surgery

We met Dr. Shahinian and his staff in Los Angeles the day before surgery. Right away they made us quite comfortable, clearly explaining the procedure and what to expect during recovery. The doctor exuded confidence and optimism. On the day of the surgery, everything went as expected. After 4 hours, Dr. Shahinian told me that the tumor was completely removed, and my husband was recovering nicely. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Dwight in the recovery room. The only evidence of surgery was a band-aid covering a small incision behind his ear. This seemed - and still seems now - like a miracle. The tumor was removed without disturbing his brain, and his hearing and facial nerves were both left intact.

We flew home to New York State a couple of days after surgery. The following morning, Dwight woke up early and walked downstairs to make coffee. It was my birthday. I could not have asked for more.

When we visited friends, they had no clue that Dwight had undergone brain surgery. Dwight was quickly his old self. Dr. Shahinian is our hero and inspiration. He holds a priceless talent and has an outstanding ability to instill hope in his patients and their families. His professionalism and compassionate nature never waver. I have never met such a humanitarian and futurist.

Dr. Shahinian is a role model for the world medical community. He will always be a hero to us.


Marina V.
Rochester, NY

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