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 Acoustic Neuroma: Success Stories

Mary Jane R., Northridge, CA
Many years ago, I noticed that the hearing in my right ear had become noticeably decreased. After extensive testing, my internist recommended that I see Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute.

During my first examination, Dr. Shahinian discovered an acoustic neuroma, which, thankfully, had not reached my brain stem. He felt that if I did not undergo surgery the neuroma would be fatal. Feeling at ease and very confident, I agreed to the surgery without hesitation.

At a follow-up appointment, he carefully explained the entire procedure. I was working at the time, but Dr. Shahinian said that he did not foresee any complications, and that I should be able to go back to work quickly. Throughout our conference, Dr. Shahinian was comforting and reassuring. He made me feel I was in the best hands.

The surgery was non-invasive and required only a very small incision above my right ear. The neuroma was successfully removed without incident or complication. During the surgery, both Dr. Shahinian and his assistant updated my family about my progress. This kindness helped relieved the stress of those in the waiting room.

This remarkable surgery would not have been possible without Dr. Shahinian.

My post-surgical care was all-inclusive. Dr. Shahinian was very open with me and my family about my progress. His care and compassion was something I had not experienced. The hospital stay was brief, and what discomfort I had was easily managed. I truly believe I would not have had such a smooth, easy surgical experience if it had not been for the gifted hands of Dr. Shahinian. I recovered completely and quickly. Now, seven years later, I have no recurrence of the neuroma, and no side effects from the surgery.

I am grateful for forward thinkers like Dr. Shahinian. He should be lauded for his advanced thought and praised for his success. Hundreds of people like me are alive because of his skill and expertise.

In conclusion, I cannot state too strongly what an incredible, professional, caring human being took such good care of me. Dr. Shahinian is one of the most ethical people I have ever met. He is to be respected and thanked for all he has done and for all that he will be able to accomplish for many years to come.


Mary Jane R.
Northridge, CA

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