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Michael B., Memphis, TN
Dear Dr. Shahinian,

I am just 8 days out of surgery and notice more and more things that are being affected in a positive way by my surgery. My head feels clearer and my vision continues to improve. My headache pain is virtually gone and my coordination is so much better.

I want to take this time to personally thank you for your diligence, your passion for helping others, and ultimately for the changes in my life that I will be able to make solely based on your ability to cure me of essentially so many problems that have plagued my day to day life for the past 3 or so years.

Your confidence in being able to safely remove my Arachnoid Cyst permeated into me being just as confident that I will be able to finally live my life without those ailments.

You are an innovator and I believe you saved me from a life of pain and disabilities. I will never be able to properly thank you enough, but I wanted to put in ink in hopes that you will continue to be as innovative, brave, and giving of your time to help others like me for as long as you can.

Thank you again; I will always be thankful and remember that it was you that had the biggest impact on my life in the healing that you have rendered to me.

Michael B.
Memphis, TN

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