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Vahag D., Los Angeles, CA
After I was diagnosed with a chordoma at the base of my skull, all of my dreams and aspirations were suddenly and abruptly put on halt.

I saw several neurosurgeons at world-famous medical centers, yet I could not find any assurance about a definitive cure for my condition. My father and brother - both surgeons - both advised me to see Dr. Hrayr K. Shahinian.

Dr. Hrayr K. Shahinian is a world-renowned physician, known both in the United States and Europe for his exceptional record in the cutting-edge field of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. I promptly made an appointment with Dr. Shahinian at the Skull Base Institute. Upon meeting him, his warm and reassuring attitude towards my condition put me immediately at ease. He thoroughly explained my condition, the evolution of my disease, the different modalities of treating the disease and the possible complications. Full informed about the procedure he was going to use and how it worked, it was an easy decision for me to opt for his method of therapy.

My surgery was performed successfully. The entire tumor was removed without leaving any residual tumor tissue behind - an outcome the other so-called "world-famous" neurosurgeons didnít believe was possible without severe complications. Needless to say, I did not have any complications and recovered quickly, spending only two nights in the hospital. Fully recovered, I went back to my engineering position within three weeks of the surgery. This successful surgery avoided any additional therapies, such as radiation.

I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Hrayr K. Shahinianís warmth, compassion for his patients, professional approach and skills. He is an irreplaceable practitioner in his field, having healed thousands of other patients through his skills. As a patient myself, I stand behind Dr. Shahinian.


Vahag D.
Los Angeles, CA

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