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 Meningioma: Success Stories

Bob H., Baraga, MI
Dr Shahinian,

I'm sitting here waiting for the news team for another interview and thought I'd take this time to say "thank you".

You say a lot of nice flattering things to me about being a good patient which are all a reflection of you. It is only because I have done my research and understand the advanced level of your art and expertise that I was able to go through this adventure with the greatest level of confidence, good attitude, and ease. Further, when I met you, your confident, professional, and pleasant nature was also very reassuring.

At present, I believe I am experiencing the best possible outcome. I have not taken any pain pills in a couple of days and don't feel I need to as my headaches are noticeably less each day if not each hour. My sleep is also improving. I feel no pressure or headache localized behind the bridge of my nose or nausea as I did before and I have noticed improvements in memory.

I do have one question which was raised when I read your operative report; You used a "diamond bur" to perform the crainiectomy. Is my head really that hard?

Best regards,

Bob H.
Baraga, MI

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