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Bonnie G., Lee's Summit, MO
I want to share my experience with Dr. Shahinian, an outstanding surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Shahinian and his cutting-edge expertise in the area of skull base surgery, my brain tumor was removed in its entirety with minimally invasive surgery - even though another doctor had told me that the tumor was inoperable.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that was pressing on my optic nerve. Since I was misdiagnosed for over a year, the tumor had grown quite large, and I had lost the vision in my left eye. I underwent a traditional craniotomy, which only removed part of the tumor. The tumor had grown into my cavernous sinus region, and the surgeon informed me that it was too risky to enter that part of the brain. I was in the hospital for one week (including 24 hours in intensive care), was off work for seven weeks, and endured a scar that goes from ear to ear over the top of my head. The swelling and bruising were tremendous. This horribly invasive surgery didn't even remove the entire tumor. Recovery took several months.

Since that time, I had regular MRIs to "watch" the remaining tumor for growth. Unfortunately, my surgeon informed me that the tumor was again growing and that it was inoperable. He suggested that we try radiation or just "watch it" until it started to cause symptoms again. I didn't like either option.

While researching pituitary tumors on the Internet, I found Dr. Shahinian and his endoscopic procedure for pituitary tumor removal. I contacted Dr. Shahinian and was very relieved when he called to let me know that he could help me. Within two weeks of surgery, I was fully recovered and back at work. Amazing!! I was in the hospital less than 24 hours and eating dinner in a restaurant the evening of my dismissal. There was no incision, no hair removal, and minimal weakness. And, best of all, Dr. Shahinian was able to remove 100% of my tumor.

I wish that I had known about Dr. Shahinian and his work earlier, so that I would not have had to go through the full craniotomy. I could have had the tumor removed in a single non-invasive procedure. But since I can't turn back the clock, I can only be grateful to have found Dr. Shahinian when I did.

The medical profession needs more doctors like Dr. Shahinian. It was very clear to me from the moment I met him that he really cared about what was best for me. Dr. Shahinian explained the risks of surgery clearly and truthfully and made me part of the decision about how the surgery would be performed. Yes, there is a risk with any surgery, but I was 100% confident in his ability and trusted him completely. I'm glad that I did!!

I have referred many patients to Dr. Shahinian since my surgery and will continue to do so. No patient with a skull base tumor should have to go through a full craniotomy or be told their tumor is inoperable without pursuing the case with Dr. Shahinian to see if his technique can help them.

Why aren't other surgeons embracing this technology? Why didn't my surgeon tell me about this option? I truly believe that the endoscope procedure utilized by Dr. Shahinian should be standard practice - or patients should at least be made aware of this technology and given the choice.


Bonnie G.
Lee's Summit, MO

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