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Garry S., Bakersfield, CA
I am writing to report my complete satisfaction with the surgical procedure done for me by Dr. Shahinian at the Skull Base Institute. It is now six years since he performed my pituitary adenoma resection. Since then, I have experienced marked improvement in quality of life with no recurring symptoms.

Over a decade ago, I was diagnosed with acromegaly with very noticeable symptoms including facial changes, hand and foot increases, bothersome snoring, lowering of the voice, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in my hands after sleeping, and stiff finger joints. My doctor referred me to the National Institutes of Health for my surgery. The NIH accepted my case, but my surgery could not be scheduled until bed space became available. As I waited, I read all I could about the traditional procedure for my condition. What I read was frightening. Many people reported a return to high levels of growth hormone within a year; some had the surgery done a second time without relief. Needless to say, I began to dread the surgery, but felt resigned to my fate.

Soon afterward, my parents saw a news report that featured new developments in medicine. The report was on the advancements being made by Dr. Shahinian, specifically the use of an endoscope to remove pituitary tumors. I immediately contacted Dr. Shahinian. After viewing my MRI, Dr. Shahnian let me know that my type of tumor is exactly what he works on, and we scheduled my surgery for the first week in April.

Immediately after the surgery, I noticed a reduction of my symptoms. I no longer snore. My fingers returned to normal (non-stiff) use. I no longer have carpal tunnel syndrome or numb hands. My voice returned to normal. My wife says my face even looks more normal.

I had surgery on Monday morning and returned home on Tuesday. I was off work for the remainder of the week and returned to work on the Monday after surgery. In a few weeks, I was back to 95%. What a wonderful recovery time!

Needless to say, I am forever grateful that I learned about Dr. Shahinian's innovative surgical procedure when I did. Without him, I would have had my surgery done the traditional way and lived in constant fear of my symptoms recurring. I feel strongly that Dr. Shahinian's methods should be applauded and propagated. They are the future of medicine.

Sincerely and with passion,

Garry S.
Bakersfield, CA

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