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Joanus O., Glendale, CA
Quite simply put, Dr. Shahinian saved my life.

I am not a writer. I wish I were so I could express just how grateful I am to Dr. Shahinian. He reached out to me when I was lost in the darkness, pulled me into the light of his confidence, his passion, his enthusiasm and bountiful energy. I felt safe and secure in his hands - no doubts at all. No fear. I was ready to accept whatever came, because I knew he would do his very best on my behalf.

After years of serious medical problems that had been dismissed by a number of doctors, a turn of events took place over a six-month period. Doctors and medical staff (to which I am so endlessly thankful) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center led me to Dr. Shahinian. To this day, I donít know who made the call to his office, but thank God he/she did.

Every day when I awaken, the first thing I do is say thank you to God for the opportunity Dr. Shahinian has given me to work hard, to grow and learn, and to try to do well. Then I am off to fully participate in life, whatever it offers up.

Four 1/2 years after my tumor surgery, I was walking down the hall at Cedars-Sinai Hospital when two doctors passed me. They smiled. I smiled and said hello, and they said a cheery hello back to me. I went into the waiting area of the office I was visiting. About a minute later, one of the doctors popped through the door and says, "I know you - donít I know you? Oh my God, youíre Dr. Shahinianís patient, arenít you? Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be alive? I observed your surgery. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Dr. Shahinian was incredible. I donít know if there was anyone else who could have done that surgery. It was amazing, just amazing." I assured him that I did know. I was lucky and so grateful. I was a hairís breadth from a death sentence, but Dr. Shahinian saved me. The doctor said he was glad to see me looking so well and wished me continued good fortune. As he turned and walked out, I could hear him saying, "Amazing, absolutely amazing."

This is Dr. Shahinian in a nutshell. Amazing.

A while back, I heard on the news about this little boy who had a large brain tumor. He called it "His Monster." Quite apropos, I thought. I stopped what I was doing and from the depths of my soul, I wished for Dr. Shahinian to be this boyís doctor. Little did I know, he already was.

Weeks later, I saw this boy and his mother on TV talking to the press about the surgery that was going to take place. Then the camera panned slightly to the right, and there was Dr. Shahinian. My heart leaped out of my chest with great joy. I wanted to reach into the TV to grab the mother and tell her it is going to be all right. Her boy was in the gifted hands of the "Monster Slayer." I knew all would be well. And I was right. It was.

The world received a great gift when Dr. Shahinian was born into it. This man deserves statues, parades in his honor and our undying gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Shahinian - with greatest respect and appreciation, I have written this letter to you,

Joanus O.
Glendale, CA

P.S. I would also like to take this opportunity to say how fabulous all the doctors, assistants and staff are at the Skull Base Institute. Dr. Shahinian has assembled the best of the best and has guided them with great confidence and good humor.

I am writing this letter to express my eternal gratitude to Dr. Shahinian for the wonderful care he gave to my daughter, Joanus. She had been suffering for many years with headaches and continual loss of hearing. Her condition was not properly diagnosed until Dr. Shahinian informed us that she had a brain tumor. Of course, we were shocked and frightened, not knowing what the outcome would be. But because of Dr. Shahinianís calm and confident manner, we were sure we were in the right hands. He explained everything so carefully that we were reassured and able to face the difficult choice to have the surgery.

Because of the years of delay, the tumor had grown so large that her life was in danger. She needed a quick intervention. After the difficult surgery, Dr. Shahinian again explained the procedure and results, and we were relieved and grateful to have such a knowledgeable man in control of the situation. My daughter has recovered, and we know it is only because of the compassionate care that Dr. Shahinian has given her.

I know there are many others who will come along in the future and need the skills of this devoted doctor. I only pray that Dr. Shahinian will be able to rescue them and extend their lives as he has for my daughter.

Thank You,

Marian O.

Glendale, CA

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