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Caren M., Newbury Park, CA
Dr. Shahinian and members of the Skull Base Institute provided medical services that allowed my mother to recover and enjoy a high quality of life. He performed two surgeries on a grapefruit-size non-malignant tumor that was crushing her brain stem. He recommended a third surgery, but my mother made the decision to monitor the tumor, so we now visit Dr. Shahinian annually.

Because my mother did not have cancer, we were fortunate to be able to choose the course of her care. Family and friends did research on the Internet, and we met with neurosurgeons from several prestigious universities. We allocated a lot of time to this process. When we met with each neurosurgeon, they all had very similar comments regarding my mother's condition and the risks of surgery. Being a layperson, it took some time to understand the physical nature of the brain and all the nerves affecting the body. When we met with Dr. Shahinian, he explained his technique and the surgical options. It made a lot of sense to go through the front of the skull. Since we are not medical professionals, we researched the information provided by each of the neurologists. Mom selected Dr. Shahinian for his medical and professional expertise. His demeanor and manner shows a level of excellence that allows his patients to have confidence that they are receiving the best care possible. He brings a team of top-notch professionals that support his expertise.

In fact, Dr. Shahinian and his wife attended my mother's 71st birthday, which we celebrated following her second surgery. My mom treasured the time he spent coming to a gathering of friends and family. He and his wife provided support to our family in a way that the average physician would not.

My experience as a CPA has taken me across the nation to work with emergency room medical groups, orthopedic surgeons and projects. I have watched the healthcare field grow and change. I am thankful that technicians such as Dr. Shahinian are providing innovative techniques that enhance patients' lives and provide a high quality of life for patients. His minimally invasive techniques can shorten the length of a patient's hospital stay. My mom left the hospital with a bandage across her nose the first time, and the second time she had a sore mouth, but no visible signs of the operation. Friends and family could hardly believe she had surgery on her brain to remove such a tumor! It is honestly a miracle.

She has been given extra time to spend with our family and her grandchildren, and she is grateful every day. Dr. Shahinian was her second hero after my dad.

Caren M.
Newbury Park, CA

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