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Phyllis L., Marshalltown, IA
I would like to tell you about the miracle Dr. Hrayr Shahinian brought about for me.

Over a decade ago, I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and given several anti-convulsant drugs. The first medication, Tegretol, caused a severe reaction that required a 5-day hospitalization. Doctors prescribed Neurontin, then Dilantin, then Depakote, but I continued to have extreme stabbing pain in my left jaw lasting for up to an hour and a half. For the next three years, I suffered dreadfully from these sharp pains. No one seemed to have the answers.

I saw several medical doctors and a pain clinician, but all they would do was to increase the medications I was already taking. I was suffering side effects from these, including falling asleep, losing my balance and disorientation.

I knew a woman with the same malady. She had conventional surgery, which disfigured her and left her with no feeling or control of that side of her face. That seemed horrible to me and to my family.

Then, our son Nick saw a documentary on the skills of Dr. Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute. He made inquiries at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and received prompt and courteous attention. With our permission, he set up an appointment with Dr. Shahinian. We were treated with the utmost respect and compassion. They gave me names of several patients who had this procedure, and when I spoke to them, they urged me to have the surgery as quickly as possible. It wasn't sure I wanted to have brain surgery, but another month of this debilitating pain and I could see no other recourse. When I spoke with my local physician, he read the material given to us by Dr. Shahinian's office and said, "Go for it!!"

Dr. Shahinian did the operation. I was very comfortable in recovery and felt absolutely NO pain immediately. They slowly withdrew the drugs I'd been taking, and within a week, I felt wonderful. Another courtesy of Dr. Shahinian was to call my local doctor to report on my condition and the exact procedures he used. Our doctor was greatly impressed; he said he had never had another doctor or surgeon report directly to him in such detail.

I realize that there are other procedures for brain surgery. All I can say is that Dr. Shahinian gave me back MY LIFE. Today, I can only go by what my family and friends tell me was my reaction to that stabbing pain. Finding Dr. Shahinian and his surgical skills was a miracle. I can't say enough good things about him. He is truly aware of human suffering and the need to correct it - plus God has given him the ability and talent to develop this particular procedure.

Each day I thank God for this fine doctor who was able to treat me and so many others with this innovative procedure. Dr. Shahinian has saved lives for many, many other patients with different forms of brain problems. He is truly a gift from God to his patients.

From one who was given a miracle,

Phyllis L.
Marshalltown, Iowa

(a personal follow-up)

Dear Dr. Shahinian,

I am pleased to add my commendations of your abilities and to thank you for operating on me for trigeminal neuralgia.

I have always thought it was miraculous that my son Nick saw a TV documentary about the wonderful things you had been doing. I've always known that God works in mysterious ways to bring about change and healing - now I know it firsthand. Personally I cannot thank you enough for what your surgery did for me….you gave me back MY LIFE!!!

Your office even kept a good check on me for nearly a year after my surgery. I will always be so grateful.

I am doing fine now. I just turned 80 years old, and am still in my home, healthy and active in the community. I still do most of the volunteer jobs I did before experiencing the trigeminal neuralgia. I owe all of this to your innovative method of surgery. The old method of surgery left an acquaintance of mine with a disfigured and immobile face. That would not have been an option for me, although the thought of the horrible pain and all the drugs they were giving me were most certainly not an option either. How thankful I am for you!

Thank you, Dr. Shahinian, for your counsel and for your ability to develop this relieving surgery that has given so many a chance to live our lives in comfort once more. My prayers are with you. You are a great physician and healer, and I'll never forget what you have done for me and so many others.

My warmest regards,

Phyllis L.
Marshalltown, Iowa

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