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Samantha and Robert V., Sherman Oaks, CA
Dear Dr. Shahinian,

How do we thank you properly and show our gratitude for this wonderful gift you have given us? It's really quite impossible. And what an amazing gift - to take away the pain forever.

We realize your talents didn't come easy, and that you had to study very hard for many years. You were obviously truly destined to become a doctor. We thank you (and thank God) that you did.

Robert was in such horrendous constant pain for the three months prior to surgery. He couldn't eat, speak, or move without fear of an incredible jolting pain attack. The medication wasn't helping at all.

In the five weeks since surgery, Robert is back to work full time, enjoying life and most important of all, free of the fear of the pain.

We wish you great happiness in life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and May God Bless you always.

Samantha and Robert V.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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