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Wendy and Jamey R., Kennewick, WA
Dear Dr. Shahinian,

Before coming to California Wendy did a lot of research. I didn't do any. I don't even recall looking at your web site, at least with much interest. I had spent years looking for things like this to help her to always have it come to a dead end. I supported Wendy coming to see you because I realized she was at the end. I had no idea if you could do anything for her but her desire to live was dying.

When we arrived to have our first visit with you she was mentally in dark depressed place, but I saw hope in her eyes. After the first visit we both had hope in our eyes. I was very impressed and comforted after talking with you about the procedure. Your confidence and conviction in what you would do picked us up. Your caring concern and your human touch was what we both needed. After a 40 minute visit you made us feel as if we were in the care of a loving family member.

The entire visit was an unbelievable experience. You are not only a good person, but you surround yourself with good people. The hospital (TOSH) and their staff, the therapist "Dan", the nurses, basically everyone you put us in contact with were great. We couldn't have asked for better. Dr. Shahinian I can go on and on describing every detail of the visit and what was impressive about it.

I do want to tell you of the particular events that I will not forget. I was in Walgreens in Thousand Oaks and my cell phone rang. It was you. You asked about Wendy and called in a prescription for her and were basically checking up on her. Until than most of my experience in the medical field has been answering services, leaving messages and maybe talking to someone who you doubt cares. Not even the doctor. My thought about that phone call was that I had a doctor caring for my wife that could buy and sell every doctor in my local hospital call me on me personally to check up on my wife. I honestly could not believe it and still think about it. I have this whole experience many times and will never forget what you have done. Since we've been home I have viewed your entire website and seen the experiences of others that you have helped. I've also share it with many others. When we were flying home our daughter Ashley asked if we would ever see you again. I told her probably not. She looked sad and upset and said "I feel like we are leaving a friend that we will never see again". I think she said what Wendy and I were thinking. Wendy is doing well. Her pain is a whole lot better and I personally feel you saved her life. Her voice is still not working right but in Wendy's words she would rather live with the inconvenience of her voice not working right than feel like someone is stabbing an ice pick in her chin every day. She is starting to smile and laugh a lot, which I haven't seen much of in many years. Well, I'm not the best with letter writing. Basically what we want you to know is how thankful we are for the care you have given us.


Jamey R.
Kennewick, WA

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