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Pineal Tumor
Pineal Tumor


Dr. Hrayr Shahinian: Endoscopic Pineal Tumor Surgery is performed through a half inch incision in the midline in the back of the skull, followed by a 2cm key hole opening in the skull. The endoscope is advanced through the supracerebellar infratentorial space without any retraction or manipulation of the cerebellum. Once the region of the pineal is reached, some arachnoid adhesions and tentorial veins are dissected and the tumor is visualized. In this case, a 2.5cm pineoblastoma. Once the tumor is circumferentially dissected, first its central inner portion is resected, followed by its capsule which is dissected and resected from within the third ventricle. Once the tumor resection is complete, the endoscope is removed; the dura and skull are approximated in layers, along with the scalp, which is stabled. Patients do not require intensive care unit stay and are routinely discharged within 48 hours.

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