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Pituitary Tumor Surgery Video
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Pituitary Tumor Surgery Video
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Pituitary Tumor
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Pituitary Tumor Surgery Video


Dr. Hrayr Shahinian: Endoscopic pituitary surgery is performed by inserting a 2.7-millimeter endoscope through the right nostril, navigating through the intranasal structures, all the way to the brain. The dura, the covering of the brain, is incised, and the tumor is gradually taken out. Once the tumor is completely removed, a piece of abdominal fat graft is used to seal the intracranial contents from the contents of the sinuses. A small amount of natural fibrin glue is used to seal the fat graft in place. Pre-operative and post-operative MRIs show a complete resection of the tumor. The patient is monitored overnight and discharged home within 24 hours.

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