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Savannh T., Greer, SC
Thank you for believing in us when no one else would. Very few doctors seem to be led to study and understand the brain. I find most to be afraid to get near it. Maybe this is due to the brain's complexity and society's general lack of knowledge and wisdom. I thank you for what you have accomplished; not only for Savannah but for all the other patients that have come to you. Your quest to learn and study will continue to help countless numbers of people.

I'm grateful that my father found the you-tube video episode of the Doctor's about helping the boy teen who had continuous headaches.

One of the greatest comforts I received from you is that every time you spoke of Savannah; you would say "How is beautiful?" That always brings me great joy.

I wish to one day fill you in about the rest of the story.

I thank the Lord above for using you as a beacon to shine your light of truth at such a trying time for us.

Savannah finally has the hope and promise of a wonderful future. She has already improved so much. The intense headaches, that kept her out of school for three weeks, have subsided. She can smell for the first time in three years. And the visual problems are improving daily. The pressure in her ears really bothered her on the flight to LA. The flight back home didn't bother her at all.

Our thankfulness is never ending!

Love and Sincerity,

Sam and Heather T. and Family
Greer, SC

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