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As the Assistant/Patient Concierge I, I am the first point of contact for
new inquiries, whether it be by phone or by email. I welcome patients
to the Skull Base Institute and provide information about our office
procedures. I also provide follow up calls and emails to answer questions about the process. I assist in making sure that patient charts contain all relevant past and present clinical and insurance information. Once patient charts are complete, I schedule consultations and make sure you feel comfortable when you arrive at our office. After surgery, I schedule follow-up appointments, staying in contact with patients before and after their surgery at
the Skull Base Institute.
I am the Clinical and Research Coordinator/Patient Concierge II at the
Skull Base Institute. I organize, plan, and schedule peri-operative care
appointments for our patients. Along with coordinating, I manage the
Patient to Patient Network program at SBI. The Patient to Patient Network program is a unique service where we match prospective surgical patient's cases with our past patients; enabling patients to speak directly with our past patients to learn more about their surgical experience and help alleviate anxiety. I help promote smooth and open communications during patient care by serving as a clinical liaison, ensuring that our patients receive friendly and knowledgeable information to help make their experience
at Skull Base Institute a positive one.
I am the Front Desk Manager / Patient Concierge III at the
Skull Base Institute. My primary role is to oversee the day to day flow
of the office. To ensure patients are receiving excellent service, I will
readily address any insurance questions or concerns. In an effort to allow our patients to focus on their recovery, I will gladly assist in arranging appointments and travel accommodations.
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